Friday, February 27, 2009

Eight More...

And so where will things be in eight years, when Blaze is likely gone and Griff and Luna are getting grey? It's hard to imagine.... I never thought I would have three dogs.

But how can things be better eight years from now? I hope...
1) More people are training their dogs. Basic pet training but fun stuff too. All vets, breeders, and rescues are getting families to attend at least one class with their new puppy or dog. This could lead to fewer dogs switching homes and families having better relationships with their dogs.
2) Pet owners look at the experience and credentials of animal professionals. Including, those that breed/sell/adopt animals, those that provide health care, those that create the foods and products for the animals, those that groom, board, and exercise animals, and those that assist with training.
3) When pet owners have trouble, they know how to find appropriate professionals and resources.
4) More consideration is given to the needs of cats and small animals.
5) Schools are enthusiastic about dog bite prevention programs, resulting in a decrease from the semi-current very scary statistics.
6) Communities are more invested in the success and strength of local rescue groups, animal control, and humane societies.
7) Everything is better for people and the animals they live with.

I was going for eight...but those seven changes would keep me very content.

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