Friday, February 27, 2009

Camping with Dogs

This isn't the most seasonal topic possible. I'm impatient for spring and summer. Last year we went on a few camping trips and I'm ready for more adventures. The last camping trip was in August when I went to New York to pick up Griffin, and so he hasn't gone yet. I can't wait to share this with him.

My dog friend Karin and I had started a list of traveling rules. Here is my list of camping with dog rules.

1) Your dog will have more luggage than you. Food and water bowls, water from home, a bag of food, a crate and bedding, food dispensing toys, clean up bags, lots of treats, extra treats, a cooler for those treats (wedge in your water, and maybe some food), first aid supplies, health papers (especially if you are crossing state borders)... You will have your sleeping bag, a bag of food, a bag of clothes, and you will probably forget your toothbrush.
2) Those crates are great for many purposes. Mainly as a table or to hold down your tent when it gets really windy out.
3) In the early dog-human relationship, the functions of the dog was likely included cleaning up after people, keeping people warm, and alerting people to change. Camping allows for these to occur.
4) Camping results in cooking over fires. Cooking over fires results in burnt food. Dogs like burnt food.
5) Dogs can't read maps. But dogs do generally remember where the tent is and where the local wildlife ran off.
6) Keep an accurate phone number on your dog. Get a tag with your cell number on it. We haven't had to test this one out, but, just in case.

Take a look at the Griffin, Luna, and hidden Owen. We 'only' had our luggage, cooler, a tent, sleeping bags, and all the dog gear in there. Plus two people.

Can we go camping again?

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