Friday, February 10, 2012

Take Ten Minutes

This week I've heard several really horrible stories of dogs escaping from yards or homes.  Leashes breaking. Each situation could have been preventable.  Each time, the people knew better but fell into the easy habit of "It's been fine, I'll do it later."

Take the ten minutes to fix that hole in your fence that's been there for months.  Or take ten minutes to take your dog out on leash rather than letting him into your yard. He hasn't escaped yet, but this could have been the day. Take some time to install an extra lock or latch on your gate. Check your fence for holes or loose boards.

Take ten minutes to put the good leashes and treats in an easy access place rather than using your "second level"*, less preferred, leashes.  Go to the store and get another leash if yours is getting frayed or is half chewed through.   Get rid of that bone your dog has chewed into an almost-too-small shape rather than leaving it out for one more time.
A too small bone!

*taking an excellent Kathy Sdao phrase and applying it here...


Megan said...

I shared this on Facebook and it was well received. A very good reminder! Keep the good leashes out and keep them on the dog!

Kristen said...

No more second level leashes!

Megan said...

acStunt Puppy is having a sale on their MN-made leashes. I should order you one, too, and finally send Luan's name tag! :)