Monday, January 2, 2012

Working Towards Succcess

Last night some of us had another sad "Why can't our dogs do more," moment.  

It's fun (well, maybe not "fun", but enjoyable? Reinforcing?) to complain.  In this circumstance, it's also helpful to think about -why- we're at this point.

A few variables:

  • Some, out of habit and/or necessity are spending more time on behavior challenges than training towards competition behaviors.  This is understandable, but obviously can impact what's being trained.
  • Many in the sports are highly attracted to the people who are currently successful, seemingly regardless of methods.  It's great to learn from everyone and take what you can.   But it doesn't always fit together well.
  • Lack of motivation to work towards a goal.  Have big goals, work with urgency!  Use time wisely.  Improve training skills.
  • Lack of local mentors.  So....let's not stay local.  Find the best people you can get to help you. Learn from them as much as you can.   
  • Working together:  Be around others with similar goals.  This helps with ideas, motivation, and getting things done.
  • It's easy to fall into what has always been done. Watch so we don't fall into  that pattern.

We're still using last year's wintery pictures. Today we have a tiny bit snow which is hopefully enough to decrease the amount of mud!    I love all the Griffin-running pictures.   He loves to run.  We're now also taking an online class for Running Contacts.  (Note the above...   "Find the best people you can get to help you. Learn from them as much as you can.")     Hopefully this resolves the dogwalk and improves the aframe so we can soon start to trial.

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