Monday, October 24, 2011

Creating how-to resources

As a completion for a 4-H grant we received last year, we're working on creating a few guides to go along with the workshops we did. The one I'm most responsible for is titled "How to Solve Training Challenges."  In the guide, we ask a series of questions.  Each question-category has 5 questions to prompt the reader (be it advisor, parent, or 4-H'er) to think through the issue at hand.

We start with looking at the behavior, getting a second opinion, checking with your vet, looking at reinforcement, breaking it down, and changing approach.   It's not a "do XYZ" type guide, but we're hoping it will have some use for those who are stuck.

Of course, under the "ask for help" part we're listing contact information and we're always happy to help other advisors and 4-H'ers.  

I'm hoping that over the next few years we'll be able to refine the questions and end up with a very usable and useful guide.

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