Sunday, February 21, 2010


Unlike Megan, I'm not big on birthdays and tend to forget them...

Blaze is now 9. Unfortunately he's had two seizures in the last week, if he has another within 3 weeks we'll have to go into the vet. He's not moving so great, the deep snow is annoying, but I've shoveled him out an area to potty and we walk in the plowed drives. He got to help with a reactive dog lesson another instructor was doing last week, having a dog who is 99% non reactive to things can be nice at times. He had a toy in his mouth and at most, wagged his tail when he heard her talking.

Here's a fairly recent Blaze picture:

And him at...6

Blaze at 5:

And Blaze as a puppy:



Awww old dog.

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Megan said...

Blaze really is handsome. I love his coloring!