Thursday, January 14, 2010

Preparing for Classes

I'm currently finishing the last preparations on my curriculum for my agility class due to start at PosiDog soon. Instructors do put care into these projects!

It's a challenge to go through what I think are all the important foundation skills, balance them out so everyone gets enough practice on everything, and to keep it fun. There's not really a part of dog training that shouldn't be fun... but when you sign up for an agility class you're probably wanting to start playing with the equipment.

But there's a lot more to agility than just the equipment. Most of the game is about what's going on in between the obstacles. If our dogs are good at learning, they will learn the obstacles faster. If your dog already knows a lot of behaviors, he will learn this game faster. If we practice on speed activities, your dog will be faster in agility. If your dog knows about how to move his body, especially in relation to objects and obstacles, he will learn faster.

The great thing about foundation classes like this, is that you can do almost all of your homework in the house and that you really don't need any equipment.

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